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Paw Wave

Pet massage relieves muscle tension, which can help soothe the body and the mind. The PAW WAVE is a healthy treat— a way to reward and bond with your furry friend while bringing them the benefits of massage therapy.



Evervisc Sodium Hyaluronate Post-Surgical Levage

Evervisc sterile gel is a commercially available canine formulation of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid used for post-surgical lavage of synovial components.

  • Available in convenient one – 2ml sterile syringe

  • Contains 30 mg (15 mg per ml) of hyaluronic acid

  • Features high molecular weight (1,000 – 2,900 Kilodalton)

  • Exhibits viscoelastic and lubrication properties similar to naturally occurring synovial fluid

  • Manufactured in FDA registered facility

Call STERIS Animal Health at 1-844-540-9810 to receive 20% off your next order


Liberty Lock® TPLO Implants

Liberty Lock TPLO Implants give you the freedom to place implants where you want them. No surgery is the same - why limit yourself to a fixed angle orthopedic implant?


Our innovative design is meant to utilize your existing tools and inventory with standard locking screws - no need to transition or purchase new equipment.



Experience more surgical flexibility with these Polyaxial implants. Screws can lock at multiple angles for a tighter placement, which can decrease patient trauma. Matte finish produces less glare from operating room lights.



These low-profile (3mm) plates are pre-contoured and feature a bending zone to allow for the best possible patient fitment. Low profile enables less soft tissue contact.

Key Features

  • Designed in partnership with leading veterinarians

  • 316LVM Certified implant grade stainless steel

  • Manufactured at ISO certified facilities in the UK and Germany

  • Lot controlled for implant traceability

Call STERIS Animal Health at 1-844-540-9810 for more information

Trice Veterinary

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 5.33.09 AM.png

Dynamic Imaging Platform


A powerful combination of dynamic imaging devices to help veterinarians diagnose and treat injuries and internal conditions quickly on one lightweight portable device. Veterinarians can easily toggle back and forth between mi-eye 2, a diagnostic and operative arthroscope, and an ultrasound transducer giving them flexibility in how they diagnose and treat their patients.

Pro Tip:

The mi-eye scope can last up to 15-20 uses, if properly taken care of. It is recommended that after each use the mi-eye scope is wiped down with a damp, lint free cloth, then window packed, and sterilized via EO Gas for 5 hours. 

Diagnose and treat animals quickly with the Trice Veterinary system, a combination of intra and extra articular imaging devices on one lightweight, portable tablet allowing it to be easily transported from one location to another.




GAITFour portable gait analysis systems

Portable gait analysis and Dynamic Lameness Detection from the world leader in human and quadruped gait analysis systems.


Differentiate your veterinary practice with objective data and outcome measures.

GAITFour's patented systems provide a practical solution for systematic evaluation of quadruped gait and lameness detection in both clinical and research settings.


GAITFour® offers the easiest to use walkways systems, with over 26 years in the gait analysis market.  GAITFour supports clients worldwide in various research and clinical disciplines.

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