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Sport: Dock Diving

Finding out your six month old puppy needs surgery on his two front legs is really scary, especially considering what a big part of our lives dog sports had become. 

Luckily we found VOSM. We cant speak highly enough about our positive experience with Dr. Canapp and VOSM. We were able to get in with them quickly due to a cancelation. My parents ended up taking Owen to Maryland for us, but Dr. Canapp’s team communicated in a way that made us feel like we didn’t miss a thing, all the way from New York. 


The staff was amazing in the days leading up to the appointment, but really shined during his aftercare. They answered every question we had, sent Owen home with a voice recordings of his post-op instructions, and were always a calm voice on the phone when we had a thousand questions in the weeks after his surgery. 


Owen now has four very functional legs, allowing him to excel in dock diving. More importantly though, Owen is a happy young man who can rough house with his brother, go on runs with my wife, and play fetch at the park like nobody’s business. We are so happy we found Dr. Canapp. 

- Kathleen

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