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Sport: Agility

Chelsie tore of the subscapularis tendon in her left shoulder and had it surgically repaired at VOSM in February 2016. She returned to showing in Rally in June 2016 and went on to win the rally competition at the cocker spaniel national specialty in July and also compete in the agility competition there. Because she could only show in agility the second half of 2016, she was not able to accumulate enough points to qualify for the AKC agility nationals in 2017 but she did compete in the rally competition and finished in 15th place out of 160 dogs. 

Since then Chelsie has just gotten better and better and continued to compete in all of the big national events. In 2018 and 2019 she competed in the AKC rally and agility nationals and the CPE agility nationals. At the CPE nationals last year she finished 2nd overall and was 1st overall in the games competition. At last year’s ASC nationals, she competed in both rally and agility and won the high triple award in rally. 

In 2019 Chelsie was ranked 16th all breed in AKC rally and 8th for cocker spaniels in AKC preferred agility. In November 2019, Chelsie suffered another injury, this time to the right shoulder and the left elbow. She underwent surgery again at VOSM at the end of November and is currently recovering and I am hoping that she will recover quickly enough that we will be able to attend all three national events again in 2020. Chelsie is 10 years old now and not a young dog, so when Dr. Canapp called me after the surgery and said that Chelsie would be fine, recover, and be able to return to competing I was overwhelmed with emotion. 

I will always be grateful to Dr. Sherman Canapp for fixing Chelsie and allowing her to return to competition and the sport that she loves. At the time of her first surgery we had several surgical opinions and Dr. Canapp was the only surgeon who felt that Chelsie would be able to continue being active and return to competition. I think it’s a testament to his knowledge and skill and the excellent care that she received from the entire staff at VOSM that Chelsie has been able to accomplish all that she has since her surgery.

- Mary

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