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Sport: Agility

My Canapp Experience started with the help of a close mutual friend and canine massage therapist, Greg Paul.  He assisted in kicking off with my partnership with Dr. Canapp and his staff back in March of 2018.  My 6 year old AKC FCI World Agility Team Border Collie and Silver Medalist, Leverage “Levy”, had a very complicated and extensive carpus and possible shoulder injury which required very special treatment.  For several weeks I was haunted with despair and merely hoped she could just run pain and limp free again.

Little did I know, Dr. Canapp and his team brought my remarkable girl back to doing what she loves – agility, herding, frisbee and swimming.  She is 1,000% fully recovered and our partnership continues to this day.  I am truly grateful for the hard work and efforts Dr. Canapp dedicated to us as well as all of my canine family members.  Paws Up to CSM!!!!


- Tinna


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