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Sport: Agility

Cole and I went to VOSM after trying to rehab what we thought was just a gastroc strain.  We rehabbed Cole a couple of times without success.  So, we decided to visit VOSM to see what they could find.  We showed up and were welcomed with a very friendly staff.  Everyone was so great to us.  We had our initial exam with Dr. Canapp who was so nice and explained everything he found and what our options were.  So, I left Cole with them to do a diagnostic ultrasound, and possible needle scope.  When that was done we found that Cole had a partial tear to his PCL ligament.   It was suggested that we do stem cell with PRP treatment.  So, the next day I brought him back to have the treatment done.  Again everyone was so nice and kept me informed of Cole's progress.  Even their night staff was so friendly when I called to check on him.


The next day I brought him home and the rehabbing began.  He had two follow up visits with VOSM and he received glowing report on how well the healing was coming.  Cole is now back doing the things he loves; agility, herding and hiking.  I can't say enough good things about my experience with VOSM.  Their love for the animals, and their friendliness to the owners made the experience very pleasant.  I am so happy that there is a facility available to us that has all the latest technology and treatment options.  Without this technology we would have never known about Cole's PCL tear until it was probably fully torn.  And with the latest in treatments using stem cell with PRP, Cole's tear healed with good tissue instead of scar tissue.  I can't thank VOSM enough for all they did for Cole and giving him a chance to do the things he loves again. 

- Sue

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