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Sport: Agility

Shazam and I were first introduced to Dr. Canapp and the wonderful team at VOSM early in Shazam's life.  Unfortunately he had some puzzling intermittent lameness of both forelegs.  While a definitive diagnosis took a bit of time, Dr. Canapp did get to the underlying cause and both of Shazam's wrists were treated.  This treatment along with a rehabilitation program resolved his lameness and Shazam and I had an extremely rigorous successful competitive agility career for many years.


Shazam was actively competing at the advanced age of 11 1/2 happy and sound.  Unfortunately, a freak crash in the backyard resulted in a very serious knee injury.  Amazingly, under the care of Dr. Canapp and his amazing team, I am thrilled to report that Shazam is once again 100% sound!


The expertise, attention to detail and concern for their clients both 2 and 4-legged is exceptional.  If in the future any of my dogs would require orthopedic care VOSM would be my first choice to investigate treatment.


Thanks again for all the help with Shazam.  

- Mary Lou


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