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Sport: Field Trials

Bacchus is a 9-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.    He did not start competing in AKC Hunt Tests until he was almost 2 years old (a late start) but in the next 2 years prior to turning 4 years old he had received qualifying scores in 17 consecutive AKC Hunt Tests achieving his Junior, Senior and Master Hunter titles in that time. 


At the age of 4 he transitioned to the VERY competitive sport of AKC Retriever Field Trials.  He quickly became Qualified All Age “QAA” in only his third “All Breed” field trial by earning a second place finish.  After running only 4 All Age All Breed field trials in 2016, Bacchus was diagnosed with left medial shoulder syndrome (subscapularis and supraspinatus tendinopathy as well as left elbow mild sclerosis of ulnar notch. 


Late in 2016 he subsequently underwent a left shoulder arthroscopy with radiofrequency treatment and left elbow arthroscopy.  Bone marrow stem cell therapy was performed (left supraspinatus tendon and left shoulder) by Dr. Sherman Canapp. 


Following these procedures and aggressive rehabilitation therapy Bacchus was able to resume his field trial career in late 2017. 


He has competed in 17 AKC All Age All Breed Retriever Field Trials since his surgery against some of the best Field Trial retrievers in the United States.  Although Bacchus still loves to work, we have decided to retire him from the rigors of competitive field trials beginning in 2020. 


We are forever grateful to Dr. Canapp and his entire staff for allowing us to enjoy several additional years of canine competition with Bacchus as a result of the treatment they so expertly provided.

- Tim

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