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Sport: Agility

Ryker, my now 6 year old border collie, was diagnosed with MSS in his right shoulder by Dr. Sherman Canapp last year.  Ryker competed in agility and had struggled with weave poles for almost a year prior, but had no overt lameness other than 1 time coming out of his crate, which prompted a visit to VOSM. 


Dr. Canapp was very thorough in his exam, diagnosis, and treatment (RF, PRP, and stem cells) of Ryker for MSS.  Following surgery, Ryker did rehab for about 3 months and then had 3 months of strength training.  He is currently back and running agility.  Amazingly, his weave pole “issues” are resolved. 


I can’t thank Dr. Canapp and his team enough for their excellent treatment of Ryker and for giving us both a second chance at agility!

- Lauren

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