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Sport: Agility

The Canapp experience is literally one of a kind! If you are an avid dog enthusiast, competitor or in the veterinary field, it should be on your list to visit! We were treated with so much kindness and love! From every email coordinating my first visit (thank you Ally you are literally incredible at what you do and you do it with JOY!), to surgery, rehab and recheck...I can not recommend this place enough!


The staff is so friendly and so eager to help, I got to be a part in every step of the process, the surgical team, recovery team and Veterinary staff are INCREDIBLE and its just plain AWESOMENESS! Debra Canapp is so kind, gentle and dang good at what she does! She guided me through everything she was seeing in ultrasound. Sherman Canapp is so excited, upbeat and joyful... and a go getter! They make you feel WELCOME!


As a professional dog trainer the facility was every bit designed with the dogs best interest at heart! The entrance and exits, the waiting cubicles, the flooring, the scales...OMG! Not to mention at my recheck I was given a complete behind the scenes tour! I May move in the future!


Cider has recovered so well from his procedure for MSS. I can tell a huge difference! He is so grateful to be back to his very energetic, keep mommy on her toes self! Though life hasn't allowed me to compete quite yet, we plan on making a return to the agility world this fall! If you haven't spent time with the Canapp's...Go spend time with them, trust me it's worth your time.

- Rachel

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