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Sport: Hunting

I wanted to share the the adjectives that VOSM embodies that motivated me travel 15+ hours on 7 different trips with to have VOSM work with 3 of my dogs:



The love of working with the dogs and the people is contagious.


Performing a diagnosis is a combination of science and art. Being open minded to all the possibilities, to systematically eliminate them one at a time, and to have the methods to collect, analyze and verify.


Involving the human at each step, catering to travel accommodations, respecting people's time and money, treating my dog like it was their own.


Being open about when to wait on a procedure and when to invest in the undergoing a procedure.


Admitting when you are stumped and being willing to consult with others.

Team Player

Acknowledging all the people at VOSM by talking about their skills to me throughout my journey, spreading news about them on social media, and trusting them to carry on the VOSM brand.

Industry Leader

Staying up on trends and studies and new technologies. Always willing to recommend or refute.

- Darcy

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