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Sport: Agility

Benefit and I had a great experience at VOSM and his treatment was a huge success! For two years, he was intermittently lame. We tried a number of different types of treatments elsewhere, and he had multiple rest periods, but he was never able to maintain soundness for any length of time. After a bad slide and fall exiting the chute, he was unable to take even short walks without coming up lame repeatedly so after a discussion with Dr. Sherman Canapp, we decided to travel to Maryland to see if we could get a definitive diagnosis of what was going on. At the time, I didn’t care about returning to agility, I just cared about him being able to have a good quality of life for the rest of his days and be able to hike on our property.


Bene had bilateral shoulder surgery in 2016. He’s retired from agility now, but his front end is 100% sound, strong, and balanced (we still get a gait test every year). His canine PT and vet continue to be amazed by the results. He’s developed some arthritis in a rear knee, but the front is going strong and he gets to take his hikes twice a day!


- Monica


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