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Sport: Agility

Sig was a three years old and had been trialing in agility for about a year. He never limped and was so enthusiastic I didn’t know there was an issue. He was having some performance issues-leaping off the teeter before it hit the ground, getting the weave entry but immediately popping out and increasingly knocking bars.  I initially attributed this to his exuberance and excitement level. Luckily, I was taking Sig to a very good local chiropractic vet who identified a physical issue that might be medial shoulder syndrome but musculoskeletal ultrasound was needed for an accurate diagnosis.  This was not available locally nor was RF surgery if indeed MSS was the diagnosis.  I wanted Sig to have the best chance at a full recovery so I made an appointment and we drove from Texas to Maryland to be evaluated by Dr. Canapp. 

From the moment we stepped into the VOSM clinic, we felt as if we were the most important patient in the office.  Everyone was so professional and kind.  Ally Canapp did our intake and gait analysis then Dr. Canapp performed a thorough evaluation identifying weight shifting off the left shoulder as well as pain and spasm on abduction.  Dr. Debra Canapp then performed the ultrasound which identified MSS in his left shoulder and an OCD lesion in the right.  Surgical options were thoroughly explained and Sig had surgery the very next day- repair of the OCD on the right should and RF surgery with PRP and Stem Cell injections to the left.  I was given detailed postop and rehab instructions and Dr. Canapp was also in touch with my rehab vet back in Texas.  Hobbles and rehab followed for several months, which were a challenge for this very high energy pup!  Ally was very helpful when I had questions and Dr. Canapp was very helpful when my vet had questions. It has now been 11 months since surgery and Sig is fully recovered. He has resumed agility classes and is stronger, faster and happier than ever.  I cannot thank Dr. Canapp and all the VOSM team enough for the excellent care Sig received.

- Donna

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