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Sport: Agility

In 2013 (at age three), about three months after Tango just placed 4th in USDAA Cynosport Steeplechase, he came up with an intermittent, slight limp in his front shoulder.  We went to vets and a specialist and no one could tell me exactly what was wrong even after doing an MRI, putting Tango through PT, laser therapy and giving him adequan and metacam.  So we flew to see Dr. Canapp on a former client’s suggestion.  After flying from Seattle to see Dr. Canapp, I got an answer right away – Tango was diagnosed with bilateral medial shoulder syndrome. 


After Dr. Canapp did bilateral shoulder arthroscopy and radio-frequency treatment and coordinated physical therapy with Dr. Lamb in Seattle, Tango got back to walking and finally back to agility.  I admit I was afraid to run him so did no agility for over a year.  But after Dr. Canapp did a re-exam an imaging (when he came to Seattle), he assured me that Tango could go back to agility.  So Tango and I went through Chris Zink’s back to agility plan for Tango and we got back in the ring and we went to AKC nationals in 2017 and took a first and second place! 


I am so grateful that Dr. Canapp was able to determine what was wrong and fix Tango as I can’t imagine Tango living his whole life with a limp (he was only three when it presented).  Tango turns 10 on Valentine’s day 2020! 

- Michele


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